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The Thornhill Publishing, LLC growth has kept us very busy and we have been growing like we could not imagine. 

Thornhill continues to be the answer for many professional Paralegals and Law firms.   
Many exciting adventures are happening here and we invite all of you to participate. Thornhill continues to offer the very best in paralegal education and training resources.

Our business is strictly for Paralegals. Always know that we're here and we're listening. That's why we are the leader in the education of Paralegals in the State of California.

Our Paralegal Studies Program is the most comprehensive of its kind anywhere! Plus it’s affordable to help you start on your new career! Our professional standards are unmatched and exceed all others. We strive for the highest quality program, instructors and student accomplishment. Link yourself into a program that provides a direct path to a great career. Paralegal Job Outlook According to statistics put out by the United States Department of Labor, employment for those in the paralegal profession is projected to grow at a much faster rate than average for all occupations through the year 2014.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Paralegal jobs are projected to "grow much faster" than the average for all occupations through 2016, with a growth rate of 22% or more a year!
CNN's Money.com reporting current research by Money magazine and Salary.com says that 90% of United States paralegals currently earn a base salary of $39,200 increasing to $40,100 with bonuses. This same research reports the top 10% of U.S. paralegals earn a base salary of $64,900, increasing to $67,400 with bonuses. This study further indicates the 10-year job growth potential of the paralegal profession to be approximately 30%; with growth in the number of jobs being 66,633 over the period increasing total job openings of 84,617.

Here are some mean annual salaries for Paralegal job careers in top Major Metropolitan areas that were reported by the Department of Labor and each year salaries are expected to rise.

Stockton, California - $66,000
San Francisco - $62,500
San Jose, California - $61,900
Los Angeles - California $60,000
New York - New York - $60,000
Washington D.C. - $59,500

     *Figures are approx. average from 2008 census If you're Looking for a High Paying Job that Does Not Require A College Degree, you have come to the right place!


Take a look at these Statistics!

Occupational Employment Projections (through 2012)
2002 - 2012 Change 
+26.2% Human Services Programs 
Legal/Paralegal 1,168,000 1,357,000 -
+16.2% Legal/Paralegal Programs 
+Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics